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I thank these reviewers for liking the book! I hope you will too!

Disarmingly sweet, bright… ENCHANTED EVERGLADES pulls you into the fantastical kingdom of Florida, the jungle in America’s backyard, creating a believable sense of place even after the animals start talking. The parallel lives of a young boy and a young alligator weave together to explore youthful hopes and fears from unexpected angles, with plenty of goofy humor to keep the kids smiling. This is a big-hearted fable about kids of all species learning how to navigate the scary, snake-infested swamp of growing up.”

~ Isaac Marion, New York Times bestselling author of Warm Bodies

I LOVED IT!! I was greatly entertained and impressed. The prose is quick, skillful, and funny, and the characterizations of the main figures are vivid without being overdrawn.”

~ D. Patrick Miller, author of How to Be Spiritual Without Being Religious

“After reviewing the manuscript, I feel confident that libraries would do well to have this book available for their young patrons. In a world that seems to become more frightening by the day, this book is a call to action for young people to learn mindfulness skills as well as how to become more present in the moment, thus allowing them to gain an understanding of how to carry on no matter what their future holds. Young readers will connect with both the human and animal characters while learning about the ecosystems of the Everglades. This story of interconnectedness is a timely topic.”

~ Grace Kastens, Public Library Director

“This story brings the Everglades to life in a charming way, with characters and scenes that are a joy to spend time with. An excellent mix of adventure and humor, with many poignant moments (and some incredible imagery of alligator yoga!).”

~ Phil Williams, teacher and bestselling author

“The plot is interesting… The characters are well drawn… The dialog is very real, very natural, and in many places, very funny… The structure is very good… All in all, very good work.

~ Joanne Fowler, retired teacher

“It was excellent! I would never have picked a middle-grade book to read, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

~ Geri Morgan, grandmother



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