Gail Kowatch’s first short film, The Right Friend, garnered several niche festival awards and was distributed by Spiritual Cinema Circle. Gail is an avid fan of movies, especially comedy, sci-fi, fantasy, animation, thrillers, and romance. This passion carries through to her work as she envisions the book series becoming an animated or live-action feature film in the future.



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6 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Nicely done – inspirational for all ages (I especially liked: My Friend for Life)!

    • Thanks you Tris! I’m glad you think so. It was originally a bit longer with two more verses for each of the singers but I had to cut it down.

  2. I can not believe how beautifully done all of this! It is so professionally put together. From the animation to the songwriting to the wonderful messages it portrays. Do not give up on this!! I can tell this is a true labor of love. If you stick with it you will go far and help a lot of people along the way.Great! Great! Great! Peace and love little angel.

  3. You can get “lost” in this adventure and truly experience the Everglades natural beauty as if you are on the adventure yourself. ! A wonderfully written story for readers of all ages!

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