G.A. Kowatch’s first short film, The Right Friend, garnered several niche festival awards and was distributed by Spiritual Cinema Circle. Gail is an avid fan of movies, especially comedy, sci-fi, fantasy, animation, thrillers, and romance. This passion carries through to her work as she envisions the book series becoming an animated and live-action feature, a streaming series, and a musical someday.


The website is for parents, teachers, and adults who want to purchase our books for young adults ages 9 and up.

The adventure fantasy books inspire love, laughter, kindness, mindfulness, and so much more. Younger kids may prefer the audiobook or have an adult read it to them to spark imagination and creativity. We’ll include an educational supplement for Book 1 soon.

Studies prove that reading increases intelligence, empathetic skills, health through stress-reduction, longer life span, and boosts brain power. We hope to create stories to help kids live life with joy, health, and success.

Book One’s Reading Level:

New Dale Chall Grade Level: 4

Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level: 4.2