Learn from literary icons.

Advice from several authors.

Lots of good advice.

Must-have. Gold standard of US publishers and editors. Online subscription is available.

Lots of expert advice from an agent.

Lots of expert advice from a teacher and author.

Good to know. Must-have.

Important to master.

Mastering sentences is critical.

Learn 20 basic sentence styles. Must-have.

More tips and insights.

Bad syntax can ruin the success of a good story.

Lots of expert advice from an editor. Must-have.

Lots of expert advice from an editor. Must-have.

Good insights.

Lots of examples and fixes.

The first five pages can sell the book or not.

The first twenty to fifty pages can attract a publisher or not.

Excellent book on writing for children. Must-have.

Another excellent book on writing for young adults and children. Must-have.


Must- have reference for formatting rules. Also great for overall screenwriting.

Excellent for conflict and getting reader empathy for characters. Must-have.

Excellent overall. Love his 6-plot points. Must-have.

Excellent overall. Love their plot points. Check out their website. Must-have.

Excellent overall.

Learn about the “Hero’s Journey” in a story.

Excellent overall.

Excellent overall.

101 mistakes to avoid.

120 beats for each script page.

Excellent book for animation films. Must-have.

Lots of excellent advice.


For PC users. Easy to use. Search online for better prices. Use Final Draft for Mac.

Tool for authors to analyze their manuscript for pacing, dialogue, strong writing, word choice, repetition, readability, grammar, and more. Must-have.

For fiction and screenwriting. A favorite of novelist. Available on their website and other sites.

ProWriting will help with grammatical and spelling errors in your computer docs and online activity. It will also analyze writing for readability and other issues.


Excellent overall.

Excellent overall.

Excellent overall.

Excellent overall.

100 types of film shots.

Excellent lessons from a Disney story artist.

Excellent overall.

Excellent overall.

Excellent info told in graphic novel style.

Lots of visual examples and info.

Easy to follow and practice.

Drawing perspective is a critical lesson.


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