Book One – Friend for Life (Coming soon)


Stranded in the Everglades, two former friends enlist a trio of quirky animals to help them find their way home and rediscover their friendship, all the while facing dangers lurking in every corner.


This heartfelt adventure tells the story of a zany boy named OCEAN (12) and a serious-minded girl named ELLEN (12), who get lost after their airboat crashes into a tree island. Through the intervention of a Seminole Indian ghost, they are able to communicate with an eccentric trio of animals: GUMBO, a timid alligator; BIX, a naïve soft-shelled turtle; and their guru, ASHA, a loud, bill-clattering wood stork. Together, their misadventures take us on a wild, fun-filled ride through the magical world of the Everglades, encountering deadly snakes and spiders, including a pretentious python, hungry for dinner and thirsty for revenge.

Book Cover Illustrator:

Tim Shinn  http://www.pitchhouse.net/tim.html

Script Book Storyboard Illustrators:

Tim Shinn  http://www.pitchhouse.net/tim.html

Joe Badon  http://joebadon.blogspot.com/

Frankie B. Washington  http://www.frankiebwashington.com/

Script Book Graphic Novel Illustrator:

Giles Crawford https://www.behance.net/redwhiteblack

Copyright © 2015 Great Rays Entertainment, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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