Book One – Friend for Life -AVAILABLE NOW


Twelve-year-old OCEAN RIVER is a goofy kid. He’s never met a problem he couldn’t solve with a joke or a silly dance. When his best friend, ELLEN HANSEN, loses her father, life suddenly became a lot more serious, and Ocean’s immature antics at the funeral threaten to ruin their friendship forever.

Book Cover and Chapter Illustrations:

Tim Shinn  http://www.pitchhouse.net/tim.html

Script E-book Storyboard Illustrations:

Tim Shinn  http://www.pitchhouse.net/tim.html

Joe Badon  http://joebadon.blogspot.com/

Frankie B. Washington  http://www.frankiebwashington.com/

Script E-book Graphic Novel Illustrations:

Giles Crawford https://www.behance.net/redwhiteblack

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