G.A. Kowatch’s imaginative middle-grade novel takes young readers to the Florida’s Everglades, where two stranded youngsters renew their friendship and meet a menagerie of creatures, each on their own inner journey. Read more at Blueink.

Filmmaker Kowatch brings larger-than-life characters and action scenes to middle-grade readers in this highly visual mix of literary seriousness and fantasy adventure.

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A whimsical odyssey featuring a playfully bizarre cast of characters.

Kowatch combines Everglades ecology, with a tale of survival, friendship, and fantasy in this debut adventure novel for middle-grade readers.

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What to expect: Fantasy, Animals, Grief, Friendship

Florida’s captivating wetlands are the setting for Enchanted Everglades: Friend for Life, a book that takes readers on an action-filled adventure in which two twelve-year-old friends must overcome grief as they try to find their way out of the wilderness. Read more at The Children’s Book Review.

Darleen Wohlfeil – Story Monsters via Midwest Book Reviewer

I search for words of praise for this novel for young readers, but they’ve all been spoken. Friendship, disappointment, heartache, all weaving into a tapestry of adventure. Strong life lessons fall like heavy steps through the emotions as well as the Everglades. The merging of two often opposing systems into a workable and harmonious union creates a fresh awareness, and an interesting storyline. Insightful and encouraging! (Ages 10-12)