ECOSYSTEMS AND SURROUNDING AREAS – We are adding more photos and categories all the time, so please check back often. 

Freshwater Slough (Waterway), Mixed Marsh, Wet Prairies, Sawgrass Marsh, Bayhead Tree Islands, Willow Heads, Alligator Holes, Marl Prairies

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Cypress Forest, Cypress Strand, Cypress Dome, Cypress Knees, Cypress Heads, Dwarf Cypress Forest

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Mangrove Swamps, Mangrove Tunnels

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Hardwood Hammocks, Bayhead Tree Islands, Willow Heads, Mixed Swamp Forest, Pinelands (Pine Forests), Mixed Forests

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Coastal Prairies, Estuaries, Florida Bay

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NATIONAL PARK SERVICE – EVERGLADES – Information, brochures, maps, and other information about your visit to the Everglades.
NATIONAL PARK SERVICE – BIG CYPRESS – Information, brochures, maps, and other information about your visit to the Big Cypress National Preserve.
ECOSYSTEMS – The best online information about the various ecosystems in the Everglades.
MORE ECOSYSTEMS – Another good site about the ecosystems in the Everglades.
SURVIVING THE WILDS – Be prepared when hiking through the woods. I recommend the book “Surviving the Wilds of Florida.”
DON’T LET EXOTIC PETS LOOSE – Exotic and invasive animals and plants can wreak havoc on indigenous animals and plants. This is not a problem isolated to the Everglades.
BOAT TOURS AND ACTIVITIES TO DO IN THE EVERGLADES – Airboat tours near Everglades city go through mangrove tunnels while the ones west of the city tend to go through sloughs and tall sawgrass.
CLYDE BUTCHER’S SWAMP WALKS – I enjoyed walking through a guided swamp walk.
ALL ABOUT BIRDS – The best site on birds. Here is the link to hear Asha, the wood stork.
FLORIDA PANTHERS – Get updates on panthers.
FLORIDA FISH & WILDLIFE – Alligator, manatee, American crocodiles, and other managed species.

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